We’re known for crafting journeys and experiences around the world that get you under the skin of a place, inspire you to step beyond your comfort zone, and have you come back with a shift in perspective. Our journeys feature personal interactions with local communities, cultures, arts, music, and food that are exclusively designed working in close conjunction with local experts and tourism boards.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go for a camping safari in Africa or want to indulge in a lavish resort and spa in the Maldives. We can get that done and more. The niche services we provide allow you to soak in the local flavours, giving you an opportunity to not only sightsee but be an active traveller. Be it a Milestone Trip, Bespoke or a Bucket List experience, we give paramount importance to your comfort and safety. We take care of everything from visas, tickets, accommodation, sightseeing, car rentals, dinner arrangements and internet connectivity to make sure that you get the VIP luxury treatment you deserve. Extreme localisation and our connection with local guides allow you to experience every destination as a traveller and not just a tourist.

With heavily-stamped passports of our own, we’ve experienced firsthand the joy and adventure that travel can bring. But we’ve also seen firsthand the stress and anxiety that travel planning can cause. We believe that with a custom itinerary and plenty of support, your travel planning experience can be a lot like the perfect vacation—fun, exciting, and stress-free!

Since our launch, we’ve grown our team, added travel experts who specialize in a wide variety of areas and can guide you to an unforgettable vacation. But we’ve also maintained our close-knit family feel. That means we treat you like family, giving you our undivided attention, personalized recommendations, custom itineraries, and special insider upgrades and perks.

Whether you’re overwhelmed, over-inspired, or just plain busy, we’re here for you! Contact us today to relieve some stress and take one big, happy step towards your dream getaway.


Founder & CEO

"A Post graduate Marketing & Strategy professional and a Traveller by passion. A nature enthusiast, an adventure adrenaline junkie, a wildlife lover, there isn’t any part of travel that she does not like. With an ever growing bucket list, she has stopped counting the places that she has travelled to, for these are just numbers. She truly believes that the best way to open out to the world is to immerse yourself in every possible experience that a place gives you. Her passion for meeting new people, curiosity about life, walking the offbeat path and her YOLO (You Only Live Once) philosophy have all come together to create Bucket My List."


Seed Founder & Managing Partner

"A creative and strategic thinker with infinite curiosity, and boundless passion for curating experiences, and exploring the world. With extensive travel experience, Shivani brings leadership skills encompassing sales, business and product development to Bucket My List. She discovered that her true passion is exploring hidden and fascinating corners of our world and sharing her excitement about the many beautiful places with other people enabling them to experience facets of our world they didn’t know exist."

Why travel with Bucket My List?

100% Tailor made

  • Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements
  • Explore your interests at your own speed
  • Select your preferred style of accommodation
  • Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists

Expert knowledge

  • All our specialists have travelled extensively or lived in their specialist regions
  • The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish
  • Make the most of your time and budget

The best guides

  • Make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one
  • Hand picked by us or our local partners as the best available
  • Offering more than just dates and names, they strive to offer real insight into their country

Trusted service

  • 24x7 Emergency contact number
  • Quality services at the best prices with plenty of inclusions
  • Emphasis on Comfort, Style, and Grace
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